The Mount

You must first decide how you would like to see your trophy in your home (or man cave).  We offer lifesize mounts, half lifesize mounts, shoulder mounts, skull and horn mounts, as well hydrodipping, etching and tanning (full and half).  We also  offer rugs (with or without the head), pillows and novelty items such as lamps. If you can imagine it, we can do it!

The Pose

Once you decide how much of the animal you want to be mounted, then you must decide how you want it posed.  The best way to do this is to imagine where it will be in your home.  Then choose the way it would look best; turned or straight, slight or full, upright or sneak.  If you can’t decide right away, you can call us later.  If we haven’t heard from you, we’ll call you.  Be sure to check our gallery to help you decide!

Time & Cost Considerations

The average piece takes approximately 8-10 months.  A deposit of half the total amount is due at the time of drop off.  The remainder can be paid off incrementally or paid in full at the time of pick up.  Gift certificates are also available.  I know your hunter would be thrilled!


Once your mount is finished, you can schedule to pick it up or we will ship it via USPS or UPS.  UPS will determine the cost of shipping and call you so that you may pay them directly.  Items shipped by USPS can be added to your final bill.






There are a number of ways you can pose your animal.  Not only which direction they look, but the position of the ears, open mouth, bugling, etc.  We have any number of options.  Whatever you can imagine, we can likely do.  Let us help!






Shoulder Mounts

Starting at $425

Half Lifesize

Starting at $1100


Starting at $300

euro danny
Skull Mounts

Starting at $60