The Crew

The taxidermy shop is blessed with people who love what they do.  They love seeing clients walk in with pride after harvesting an animal suitable for their home.  And it’s not just the giants we are most proud of.  The young one’s first deer is always our favorite, no matter  how big or small.

Larry ‘LB’ Barton

LB is living the dream.  He loves every single thing about what he does.  He bought this business so that he could constantly be surrounded by the things he loves.  He prays for the shop, the clients and the people who work for him every single day.

Heath Buie

The “Man”–Heath doesn’t know a stranger.  He loves what he does–the more creative the better.  Heath takes pride in his work and wants nothing more than to Bless you with the memory of your hunt.  Heath has been creating masterpieces for 2o years.  He is always looking forward to what’s coming in the door next!


Stephanie Buie

“The Finisher” Stephanie sweeps in like Superman and does the finishing work on the mounts.  She has been working with Heath all these years, and still seems to have retained some sanity!

Angie Barton

Ang is a full-time teacher, coach and most recently, office manager.  She absolutely loves the work that is done here, the clients she gets to talk to, and the integrity by which the business is run.


Convinient Choice

You can drop your animal off or ship it to us.  The finished product will hang in our showroom until you can pick it up or it can be shipped anywhere nationally or internationally.

Highest Quality

We pride ourselves on turning out the highest quality.  Nothing goes out the door that wouldn’t hang in our own house.  We hope you are Blessed by your trophy and the memories it brings.